A.R. Rahman Sends Legal Notice to Surgeons’ Association Demanding Rs 10 Crore Compensation and Unconditional Apology

AR Rahman Takes Legal Action Against Association of Surgeons of India, Demands Rs 10 Crore in Compensation

Following the recent controversy surrounding AR Rahman’s Chennai concert, Marakkuma Nenjam, which faced criticism due to mismanagement, the Oscar-winning composer is once again making headlines. This time, he is in a legal battle with the Association of Surgeons of India (ASI).

The conflict emerged when ASI allegedly filed a complaint against Rahman, accusing him of accepting Rs 29 lakh for performing at its 78th annual conference in 2018 but failing to organize the concert and not returning the money.

In response, Rahman has issued a legal notice to ASI, seeking Rs 10 crore in compensation for what he considers defamation of his name and reputation, as reported by Times of India. Rahman firmly denies all allegations and insists that ASI withdraw the complaint within three days.

Through a four-page response provided by his lawyer, Rahman clarified that he never entered into any contractual agreement with ASI. He also mentioned that the claimed amount was not paid to him but to a third party, Senthilvelan, and a group of companies associated with Senthilvelan. Rahman asserted that ASI has wrongly implicated him in the controversy, knowing that there was no financial transaction between him and the association.

Rahman’s Marakkuma Nenjam concert became a contentious topic last month when numerous fans attending the event found themselves stranded outside the venue. Reports suggest that the organizers failed to manage the flow of ticket holders efficiently, leading to many fans being unable to access the venue despite purchasing tickets, which raised concerns of overselling.

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