Approximately 5 Tonnes of Tomatoes En Route from Nepal, Set to Be Sold at Subsidized Rates in Uttar Pradesh Tomorrow: NCCF

NCCF Imports 5 Tonnes of Tomatoes from Nepal, to Offer Subsidized Rate of Rs 50/kg in Uttar Pradesh

The National Cooperative Consumers’ Federation of India Ltd (NCCF) has successfully imported a batch of five tonnes of tomatoes from Nepal. These tomatoes are set to be sold in Uttar Pradesh at a subsidized rate of Rs 50 per kilogram. In a move to counter the escalating prices of this essential vegetable, NCCF has taken the initiative to import a total of ten tonnes of tomatoes from Nepal, contributing to both imports and domestic procurement strategies.

NCCF’s Managing Director, Anice Joseph Chandra, explained that out of the contracted 10 tonnes of tomato imports from Nepal, a portion of 3-4 tonnes had already been distributed in Uttar Pradesh. The remaining 5 tonnes are currently in transit and are scheduled to be available at subsidized rates in the region the following day.

Chandra further elaborated that the imported tomatoes are primarily targeted for sale in Uttar Pradesh due to their relatively short shelf life, making their distribution to other parts of India less feasible. This initiative aims to provide relief to consumers by making this staple vegetable more affordable and accessible.

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