Blaze Erupts in Endoscopy Room at Delhi AIIMS; Prompt Patient Evacuation Ensued

Massive Fire Engulfs AIIMS Delhi’s Old OPD Building; Patients Safely Evacuated

New Delhi: A massive fire erupted today at the esteemed All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi, specifically on the second floor of the Old OPD building where a teaching block and an endoscopy room are situated. Swift action was taken to ensure the safety of all patients, who have been relocated to secure areas.

The incident transpired around 11:45 am, prompting the immediate dispatch of six fire tenders to the emergency block. AIIMS officials have confirmed that there have been no significant casualties thus far, and all patients have been successfully evacuated.

“The fire incident was reported on the 2nd floor of the old RAK OPD, in the endoscopy unit under the gastroenterology department. Upon confirming the location of the fire outbreak, the control room was alerted, and the AIIMS fire service responded promptly to control the situation. A total of 31 patients from the AB-2 ward were shifted to the ICU and AB-7 ward, while 70 patients from the emergency area were relocated to other facilities without any reported casualties. Every effort is being made to restore normalcy in medical services as swiftly as possible,” stated Sanjeev Lalwani, Medical Superintendent at AIIMS, Delhi.

The Delhi Fire Service dispatched over eight fire tenders to extinguish the blaze, with the report of the incident received at approximately 11:54 am. A rescue operation is currently underway at AIIMS.

Earlier this year, AIIMS administration issued directives to all departments, emphasizing the importance of adhering to fire safety protocols during the summer season. Daily checks have been mandated for critical departments. The institute’s fire safety measures underscore the need for proper storage of potentially flammable chemicals by laboratory personnel.

In recent years, AIIMS has unfortunately witnessed multiple fire incidents, including a significant blaze in 2019, prompting ongoing efforts to enhance safety measures and prevent such occurrences.

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