Cabinet Approves Rs 57,613 Crore for PM-eBus Sewa Initiative to Deploy 10,000 Electric Buses

Cabinet Sanctions ‘PM-eBus Sewa’ Scheme with Rs 57,613 Crore to Propel Green Mobility

A momentous stride towards advancing eco-friendly transportation was taken as the Cabinet approved the ‘PM-eBus Sewa’ initiative, backed by an allocation of Rs 57,613 crore, as elucidated by Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Anurag Thakur.

Within this ambitious framework, approximately 10,000 new electric buses (e-buses) will find deployment across 100 cities nationwide. The selection of these cities will transpire through a competitive challenge model, fostering the implementation of electric bus services.
Thakur emphasized that cities lacking organized bus services will be accorded priority in the pursuit of enhancing urban bus operations.

The scheme’s architecture paves the way for Public-Private Partnership (PPP) models, empowering private sector entities to actively participate in financing, procuring, operating, and maintaining buses across the expanse of the nation.
Highlighting its longevity, Thakur articulated that the scheme will underpin bus operations for a decade. While the Central government commits Rs 20,000 crore to the initiative, the residual funds will emanate from state governments. The designated funds are projected to be utilized by 2027.

Moreover, the comprehensive plan encompasses the revitalization of infrastructure in 181 cities as part of the Green Urban Mobility Initiatives. Notably, the blueprint encompasses the establishment of Bus Rapid Transit Service (BRTS) corridors, instrumental in enhancing the efficacy and accessibility of public transportation. These dedicated pathways will exclusively cater to e-buses, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted journeys for commuters.

Augmenting the endeavor, the government has also unveiled the inception and deployment of the National Common Mobility Card. This groundbreaking card is set to streamline travel across diverse modes of public transport, ushering in a unified and user-friendly experience for passengers.

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