Cross-Border Love: Anju Expresses Admiration for Pakistan’s Beauty in a Second Video with Partner Nasrullah

Indian Woman’s Cross-Border Love: Anju’s Second Video Surfaces as She Praises Pakistan’s Beauty with Lover Nasrullah

An Indian woman named Anju has made headlines after crossing the border to meet her lover in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The couple’s second video together, recorded by a blogger named Numan Khan, has surfaced on social media, showcasing their moments of joy while exploring tourist spots in Upper Dir.

Anju, hailing from Rajasthan’s Bhiwadi district, traveled all the way to Pakistan to meet the man she had befriended and fallen in love with on Facebook. She had informed her husband, Arvind, that she would be going to Jaipur for a few days, but later he discovered through media reports that she had crossed the border to Pakistan.

According to Pakistani media, Anju has converted to Islam and married her Pakistani lover, Nasrullah. The 4-minute-long video captured Anju’s admiration for the beauty of Pakistan, creating quite a buzz on social media platforms.

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