Delhi Police’s Statement on Potential Lockdown During G20 Summit

Delhi Police Debunks Lockdown Rumors During G20 Summit

New Delhi: Delhi Police has categorically refuted rumors of a city-wide lockdown from September 8 to 10 during the G20 summit, stating that the New Delhi district will be designated as a controlled zone during the event.

The Delhi Police took to X (formerly Twitter) on September 1 to disseminate information regarding the services that will be operational during the G20 Summit. In an animated clip, a background voice asked, “Will there be a lockdown kind of situation in Delhi during the G20 Summit?” The response was a clear “No way.”

The clip assured that essential services like milk shops, pharmacies, vegetable markets, and grocery stores would remain open in every part of Delhi. Additionally, it emphasized that the metro system would continue to operate, with only the Supreme Court metro station temporarily closed.

The video concluded with a vital message: “Beware of rumors, live smart.”

In conjunction with the video, Delhi Police stated, “Will there be a lockdown in Delhi during the G20 Summit? No. New Delhi District will be a ‘Controlled Zone,’ but bonafide residents of the area will be allowed passage. Metro and essential services will operate normally.”

Previously, an official statement had indicated the closure of all markets, banks, schools, and commercial establishments during the G20 Summit, which fueled speculations of a city-wide lockdown.

Notably, on September 9 and 10, the gathering of heads of state and other dignitaries will occur at the newly constructed Bharat Mandapam at Pragati Maidan. Delhi traffic police have released a comprehensive advisory regarding traffic movement in the national capital.

The official statement specified that all traffic restrictions will be in effect from the night of September 7 until September 11.

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