Delhi Woman Allegedly Shoots Sister in the Face Amidst Suspicions of Affair with Her Husband

Delhi Woman Arrested for Shooting Sister Amidst Suspicions of Affair

A 30-year-old woman, identified as Sonu, has been apprehended by the Delhi police for allegedly shooting her younger sister in the face. The incident occurred in the Buland Masjid area of Shastri Park, Northeast Delhi. The victim, named Sumaila and aged 20, reported the incident to the police, alleging that her elder sister attempted to take her life using a country-made pistol.

Authorities have filed a case against Sonu under charges of attempted murder and violations of the Arms Act at the Shastri Park police station. The motive behind the violent act appears to be Sonu’s suspicion that Sumaila had engaged in an affair with her husband.

Following the gunshot, Sumaila sustained injuries to her face from the pellets, after which Sonu purportedly struck her on the head multiple times using the pistol’s butt. The victim reached out to law enforcement to report the incident, leading to Sonu’s arrest.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police for Northeast Delhi, Joy Tirkey, confirmed the incident and the subsequent arrest. Investigations are ongoing as the police delve into the circumstances surrounding the shooting and assault.

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