Israel’s Directive for One Million Gaza Residents to Relocate – Where Will They Find Shelter?

Hamas Rejects Israeli Evacuation Order for 1.1 Million Gazans Amid Looming Conflict

Hamas has refused Israel’s directive to move over a million civilians from northern Gaza to southern regions within 24 hours, ahead of an anticipated ground incursion. The United Nations has criticized this massive evacuation order, stating it could have catastrophic humanitarian consequences.

The main concern for aid agencies is determining the logistics of such a move while under attack by Israeli forces. Gaza’s geographical isolation and limited access points further complicate the situation.

The Gaza Strip, surrounded by Israel and Egypt, remains cut off from the world, relying heavily on Israel for essential supplies. Israel’s demand to relocate 1.1 million Gazans presents a significant challenge, given the existing border restrictions.

The options for evacuation are limited, and neither Israeli-controlled nor Egyptian-controlled border crossings are open for fleeing Gazans. The possibility of humanitarian corridors remains uncertain, as Israel has not shown willingness to permit them, and Egypt has rejected the idea so far.

Israel’s forthcoming ground operation in Gaza follows a week of intense aerial strikes and escalating tensions between Israel and Hamas. Reports indicate Israeli forces massing at the Gaza border, raising concerns about the imminent conflict.

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