Manipur CM Biren Singh avoids answering resignation questions, emphasizes his commitment to bringing peace to the region.

Amidst escalating calls for his resignation and a tumultuous scene in Parliament sparked by a viral video allegedly showing the disgraceful parading of two women in the nude, Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh addressed the media on Friday. However, when questioned about the demand for him to step down, he tactfully evaded a direct response, emphasizing that his primary duty is to restore peace and order in the state and to ensure that those responsible for the alleged incident in the viral video are brought to justice.

During his interaction with the media, CM Biren Singh disclosed that, thus far, four individuals, including the main accused, have been identified and action is being taken against them.

As the opposition continued to raise raucous protests over the incident, Singh made a noteworthy point, highlighting the reverence with which the people of Manipur regard women. He stated that women in their society are cherished and respected as mothers and sisters, and any form of crime against them is strongly condemned. This deeply ingrained cultural perspective has led to the eruption of statewide protests in Manipur, demanding strict and swift action against the accused individuals involved in the distressing incident.

Meanwhile, the situation took a more intense turn as another video emerged on Friday, capturing a group of women in Imphal, the capital of Manipur, setting fire to the house of one of the accused individuals. This act of vigilantism reflects the profound anger and frustration among the public, seeking justice for the victims and retribution against those responsible.

The entire incident has cast a shadow of unrest over the state, with the Chief Minister under immense pressure to respond decisively and take effective measures to address the concerns of the public and restore harmony. As investigations continue, the government is facing mounting challenges in handling the volatile situation and ensuring that justice prevails for the victims involved in the appalling incident.

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