Police Complaint Filed by Rakhi Sawant’s Close Friend Rajshree More Alleges Threats Following Adil Khan’s Debut; Rakhi Responds in Astonishment: “What Has Happened to Her Now? I’m Surprised”

Rakhi Sawant’s Close Friend Rajshree More Files Police Complaint, Sparking Controversy – Here’s How Rakhi Responded

Rakhi Sawant, the celebrity who’s been in the spotlight due to recent controversies, is back in the news as her close friend Rajshree More files a police complaint against her for alleged threats. After Rakhi’s ‘alleged’ husband Adil Khan Durrani made bold claims and accusations, Rakhi held a press conference to counter his statements. Now, the focus shifts to the police complaint filed by Rajshree and Rakhi’s reaction to the situation.

As per reports from India Today, Rajshree More, who was previously considered Rakhi’s best friend, has taken legal action by filing a police case against Rakhi. According to Rajshree, she has received threats from Rakhi, particularly since the day Adil made his first public appearance. She intends to share more details about the complaint with the media, stating, “Rakhi threatened me the day Adil made his first appearance, and there is more that I will reveal to the media.”

In response to this development, Rakhi Sawant expressed her astonishment to ETimes TV, stating that she was taken aback by the unfolding events. She said, “I am totally shocked. She has been my friend, my jaan. What’s happening with people? In friendship, differences happen. Everyone is trying to wash their hands of this situation. Now, it’s only Rakhi who is coming into focus.” Rakhi further commented, “What has happened to her now? I am shocked. Go ahead, take her interview. She wants to be seen on TV. After that, if you want my reaction, please come and take it.”

Despite the turmoil, Rakhi conveyed that she still values her friendship with Rajshree, even if they seem to be taking different sides in this situation. She acknowledged that their bond had stood the test of difficult times and that she will continue to care for her friend, regardless of the current circumstances.

The ongoing drama involving Rakhi Sawant continues to captivate attention. Share your thoughts on this unfolding story in the comments section. For more updates from the entertainment world.

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