“Prime Minister Modi Unveils Renamed Old Parliament Building”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has revealed the new name for the old Parliament building, which will now be called “Samvidhan Sadan” or “Constitution House.” In his farewell speech from the old building, PM Modi announced this change and then led all Members of Parliament on foot to the new parliament building, which will serve as the official Indian parliament from now on.

PM Modi emphasized the importance of preserving the legacy of the old Parliament building, stating, “We shouldn’t just call it the ‘old parliament.’ I request, if both of you permit, that this building should be known as ‘Samvidhan Sadan’ so that it always serves as an inspiration for us. When we call it ‘Samvidhan Sadan,’ the memories of those great people who once sat here in the Constituent Assembly get linked to it. We shouldn’t let go of this opportunity to offer this gift to the coming generations.”

The historic old Parliament building, designed by British architects Sir Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker, was completed in 1927 and is now 96 years old. It has been deemed inadequate for modern requirements over the years.

PM Modi paid tribute to every aspect of the old building during his speech, and he expressed the hope that MPs would enter the new building with a sense of “new hope and confidence.”

Government sources have indicated that the old building will not be demolished but instead will undergo retrofitting to create more functional spaces for parliamentary events. Some reports suggest that a portion of the old building could be transformed into a museum.

Sources have also emphasized that the historic structure will be conserved, recognizing its significance as an archaeological asset of the country.

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