Spree of 3 Robberies in Delhi Within 10 Minutes; 74-Year-Old Victim Fatally Attacked – Police Express Concern Over Alarming Pattern

Spree of 3 Robberies in 10 Minutes Unveils Disturbing Trend in Southwest Delhi

New Delhi: A series of alarming criminal incidents have been exposed in Delhi, as a senior citizen was tragically killed and two others sustained serious injuries in a trio of early morning robberies within a span of 10 minutes in the Sagarpur area of southwest Delhi.

Swift and decisive action by the police has resulted in the apprehension of all three suspects, with one of them being a notorious criminal who faces a staggering 42 criminal cases.

The first incident involved a 74-year-old man named Mohan Lal Chhabra, who was riding his bike when the three assailants on another motorcycle targeted him. The criminals robbed him of his gold ornaments and cash before subjecting him to multiple stab wounds. Despite being rushed to a nearby hospital, he succumbed to his injuries. Chhabra’s son, Mahendra, revealed that his father was on his way to a physiotherapy session at the time of the attack.

In the subsequent 10 minutes, the same assailants targeted two more individuals – 54-year-old Ashok and 70-year-old Om Dutt. Fortunately, both victims survived the attacks, although Dutt lost ₹500 and some personal documents.

The rapid succession of crimes prompted a swift response from law enforcement, who utilized local intelligence inputs to track down and arrest Akshay Kumar, a notorious criminal with an extensive criminal record. His accomplices, Sonu and Vaibhav Srivastava, were also taken into custody. Akshay Kumar has reportedly confessed to the crimes, and the murder weapon, as well as the stolen items, have been recovered. Authorities are also investigating whether the suspects were under the influence of intoxicants during the incidents.

These incidents have introduced a new challenge for the Delhi Police, highlighting a concerning trend where robbers are targeting senior citizens during the early hours when the streets are relatively empty. Many elderly individuals, including women, are out for morning walks in the neighborhoods of the national capital. The consecutive cases of robbery have raised red flags, prompting the police to brainstorm strategies to prevent the recurrence of such distressing incidents.

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