Tragedy Strikes as RPF Constable Shoots Senior Officer and Three Passengers on Jaipur-Mumbai Train

RPF Constable Opens Fire on Jaipur-Mumbai Train, Fatally Shooting Senior Officer and Three Passengers

In a tragic incident aboard the Jaipur-Mumbai Central Superfast Express, a Railway Protection Force (RPF) constable identified as Chetan Singh unleashed 12 rounds from his service weapon, resulting in the death of his senior, Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Tikaram Meena, and three other passengers. The shocking event occurred around 5 am near Vaitarna Railway Station, nearly two hours away from Mumbai.

Following the shooting, Singh attempted to escape by pulling the train’s emergency chain and disembarking at Borivali. However, he later turned himself in at the Bhayandar Police Station and is currently in the custody of the railway police.

While the motive behind the shooting has not been officially confirmed, there are reports of a dispute over communities leading to a heated argument. According to railway officials, Singh has a history of mental health issues, and the incident occurred shortly after his return from a 12-day leave.

The victims’ bodies were retrieved by GRP and RPF personnel upon reaching Borivali. Meanwhile, investigations are underway to uncover the precise reasons behind the tragic event. The family of ASI Tikaram Meena will receive an ex gratia amount, a death cum retirement gratuity (DCRG), and benefits from the General Insurance Scheme to assist them during this difficult time.

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