Tragic Incident: Noida High-Rise Lift Plunges 8 Floors, Claiming Woman’s Life

Tragic Incident in Noida High-Rise: Elderly Woman Dies in Lift Cable Snapping

Noida witnessed a heart-wrenching incident on Thursday, where a 73-year-old woman lost her life due to a possible cardiac arrest caused by a lift malfunction in a housing complex. The incident occurred at Paras Tierra Society in Sector 137, under Police Station Sector 142 area.

The woman was alone in the lift when suddenly, the cable snapped, leading to a free fall between some of the middle floors of the building. Fortunately, the lift did not hit the ground, but it got stuck between floors, trapping the woman inside.

Emergency services rushed her to Felix Hospital, but despite their efforts, she passed away approximately an hour after the incident. Doctors noted injuries on the back of her head and abrasions on her elbows, presumably caused by the lift’s fall. The absence of a pulse and dilated eyelids suggested a possible cardiac arrest due to the suddenness of the event.

In the aftermath, residents of Paras Tierra expressed their anger and concerns over the incident and the maintenance of common services, such as lift management, by staging a protest in the society’s complex. Authorities are investigating the matter to ascertain the exact cause and responsibility behind the tragedy.

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