Urfi Javed Responds Strongly to Stranger’s Accusation of Ruining India’s Image: ‘Aapke baap ka…’ Watch the Video

Urfi Javed fearlessly stood up to a male onlooker who tried to moral police her at the airport.

In a video posted on Instagram, Urfi was seen wearing a green backless dress as she exited the Mumbai airport, surrounded by paparazzi. A man passing by made a comment, “India ka naam kharab mat karo” (Do not ruin the name of India), to which Uorfi responded strongly, “Aapke baap ka kuch jaa raha hain? Nahi jaa raha hain na apke baap ka? Jao apna kaam karo” (Am I troubling your father? No, right? Go do your work). Despite his persistence, Urfi remained defiant and ready to respond further, but was stopped by a member of her team.


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This incident comes after Urfi had recently shared on her Instagram Stories about being harassed and eve-teased by a group of intoxicated men during a flight from Mumbai to Goa. She expressed her frustration with the behavior, emphasizing that being drunk is not an excuse for mistreating women, and asserted that she is a public figure but not public property.

Urfi’s unapologetic response at the airport and her speaking out against harassment on the flight have sparked discussions about the importance of standing up against inappropriate behavior and the need for a respectful and safe environment for everyone, regardless of their public status. Her actions have been appreciated by many who admire her courage and willingness to confront such incidents.

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