Video: Chaotic Incident Unfolds at Wedding in Iraq While Bride and Groom Dance

Tragic Wedding Fire in Iraq Claims 107 Lives, Leaves 150 Injured

Last week, a devastating fire at a wedding in Iraq claimed the lives of 107 people, leaving approximately 150 guests with burns, smoke inhalation, or crush injuries as they rushed to escape the chaotic scene. The incident occurred near the village of Qaraqosh, also known as Al-Hamdaniya.

A video from the wedding venue captures the terrifying moments leading up to the tragedy. As the bride and groom took to the dance floor for their first dance, sparks from a massive chandelier adorned with flammable wedding decorations ignited a fire that rapidly spread, causing panic among the guests. After most of the attendees had evacuated the main hall, blazing beams from the ceiling collapsed.

Fire officials suspect that indoor fireworks triggered the ignition of the ceiling decorations, leading to the rapid spread of the fire in the reception hall, which was constructed using highly flammable materials.

While the bride and groom survived the ordeal with “minor burns,” their pain was immeasurable as they mourned the loss of numerous family members. Jamil al-Jamil, a close friend of the couple, revealed that the bride had lost three brothers, all her uncles, and young cousins, while the groom lost his mother.

Qaraqosh, once a thriving Christian town in the Nineveh Plains of Iraq, still bears the scars of the Islamic State group’s rule from 2014 to 2017. Its population has dwindled significantly, with only half of its original residents remaining.

Iraq continues to grapple with the enduring consequences of decades of dictatorship, war, and instability. Corruption, mismanagement, and crumbling infrastructure contribute to a lack of safety standards, resulting in tragic incidents like the 2021 hospital fires that claimed the lives of numerous innocent individuals.

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