Video: Delhi Auto Driver Arrested for Reckless Act of Riding on Foot Over Bridge to Avoid Traffic

Delhi Auto-Rickshaw Driver Arrested for Driving on Foot Over Bridge to Escape Traffic

In a daring and dangerous stunt captured on video, a 25-year-old auto-rickshaw driver named Munna drove his three-wheeler onto a crowded foot over bridge to escape a traffic jam at the Hamdard Nagar Red Light Sangam Vihar Traffic Circle in New Delhi. The incident occurred as Munna found himself stuck in traffic on the road below the foot-over bridge.

In his attempt to avoid the traffic, Munna executed a steep turn, maneuvered the auto onto a footpath, and then skillfully drove it up the stairs of the foot-over bridge. The auto-rickshaw was empty at the time, but another individual was observed entering the vehicle to assist Munna and jumped inside the auto after it was on the bridge.

Pedestrians on the bridge were stunned by the audacious act and made way for the auto-rickshaw to pass.

Following the circulation of a viral video of the incident on social media, Delhi police took action. They seized the auto and arrested Munna, the driver, who resides in Sangam Vihar. The person who assisted Munna and entered the auto has also been apprehended and identified as Amit, another resident of Sangam Vihar.

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