Water Gushes Several Feet High as Pipe Bursts in Mumbai’s Andheri

Massive Water Pipeline Burst in Mumbai’s Andheri Creates Chaos; Repairs Underway

A sudden and colossal burst of a 1,200 mm water pipeline on Wednesday around 3pm in front of Twinkle Apartments, Adarsh Nagar Road, caught residents and commuters off-guard. The water spurt reached a staggering height of approximately eight storeys, causing disruption and flooding in the vicinity.

Prompt action was taken by the K West ward’s hydraulic engineers and the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) water engineering department. The water supply was halted by shutting off the channel, and repair work commenced immediately to address the water channel’s damage.

The incident resulted in water supply disruption for Millat Nagar, SVP Nagar Mhada, and Lokhandwala areas. Purshottam Malwade, hydraulic engineer, noted that two zones in Millat Nagar and Lokhandwala would be impacted by the water supply interruption.

“The repair work has already begun, and water supply will be restored once the repairs are complete. Our engineers will assess the situation after dewatering the pipe and determining the cause of the burst,” stated Malwade.

While the exact cause of the water main burst was not definitively identified, a civic official from the hydraulic department suggested that the incident might have been due to the pipe’s age. Repair efforts were slated to conclude by the night, with water restoration anticipated for Thursday.

Mona Muni, a resident of Sangam CHS located nearby, recounted hearing a loud explosion and seeing water cascade in from the terrace. Confusion initially prevailed as to the source of the water.

Residents were promptly informed about the disruption, with a two-day water supply hiatus communicated by a BMC officer.

Dhaval Shah of the Lokhandwala Oshiwara Citizens’ Association described the incident’s aftermath, stating, “The blast flooded the Silver Sands building and Adarsh Nagar Road, which was then closed to vehicles. The force was so high that the water reached a height of eight storeys. The water slowly receded due to the area’s low elevation.”

With the usual water filling time at 2.30pm, buildings were unable to access water for more than ten minutes due to the abrupt disruption.

Lokhandwala residents are making arrangements for water tankers to address the situation. Shah highlighted concerns about the repair timeline and escalating tanker demand, which could potentially increase prices from ₹3,000 to ₹8,000 for 10,000 litres.

The burst water pipeline incident underscores the challenges faced by residents and authorities in managing such emergencies swiftly and efficiently.

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