Close Call for Children as School Bus Engulfs in Flames in Ghaziabad

Terrifying Moment as School Bus Bursts into Flames in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad: A terrifying incident unfolded at Ryan International School in Ghaziabad when a school bus burst into flames at Sihani Gate on Meerut Road. Fortunately, the students had disembarked just minutes before the fire erupted. No injuries were reported, and the exact cause of the incident remains unknown.

A video capturing the scene circulated widely on social media, depicting massive plumes of smoke billowing from the engulfed bus. The alarming event occurred in the afternoon, leaving everyone in shock.

Ghaziabad police swiftly responded by dispatching fire engines to the location to control the situation. In a tweet, the police assured that the local authorities were on site, and their efforts succeeded in extinguishing the fire without any loss of life.

In a similar incident earlier, twenty-one children had a narrow escape when their school bus caught fire in northwest Delhi’s Rohini. Fortunately, there were no casualties in that incident.

The bus driver of the Ghaziabad incident reported that he had detected a foul smell emanating from the engine of the bus, prompting prompt action that possibly averted a more catastrophic event.

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