“Tractor Driver Assaulted in Ghaziabad for Reckless Riding and Dragging Motorcycle”

“Video Shows Tractor Dragging Motorcycle During Ganesh Visarjan in Ghaziabad; No Case Registered by Police”

A video has emerged on social media depicting a tractor dragging a motorcycle and a confrontation between groups of youths in Ghaziabad. The incident, according to users who posted the clip on X (formerly Twitter), took place during the Ganesh Visarjan (immersion) ceremony near the ordnance factory in Muradnagar, Ghaziabad district. Users tagged Ghaziabad Police, urging action against the youths involved. In response, the police confirmed the clash occurred in Muradnagar on September 25 but stated that no case was registered, and officers intervened to resolve the dispute.

The video begins with a group dancing behind a vehicle carrying a statue of Lord Ganesha for immersion. Suddenly, a tractor enters the frame, dangerously crossing the road and dragging a motorcycle.

Other individuals dancing on the road can be seen fleeing from the tractor to ensure their safety. After a few moments, the tractor collides with a car and comes to a halt.

A man then climbs onto the tractor and begins assaulting the driver, who has three other passengers.

Subsequently, more men join in and start physically assaulting all the occupants, forcibly ejecting them from the vehicle. The assault continues as they pummel the driver and other occupants while dragging them to the side of the road.

Passersby stop their vehicles and watch the altercation unfold. One of the motorcycle riders is seen trying to escape from the unruly mob.

The police took note of the viral video and issued a video statement on X. An officer stated that the police had reached the scene and pacified the crowd, resolving the traffic jam that had resulted from the incident.

The officer also mentioned that none of the groups filed a formal complaint. However, he added, “If any complaint is received regarding this matter, a case will be registered, and necessary action will be taken.”

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