Delhi High Court Directs Two Police Officers to Pay ₹50000 Compensation for Unlawful 30-Minute Detention of Man

Delhi High Court Orders Compensation of ₹50,000 for Unlawful Detention; Police Officers to Pay From Salaries

The Delhi High Court has awarded ₹50,000 in compensation to a man who was illegally detained by the Delhi Police for half an hour.

The court ruled that this compensation should be recovered from the salaries of sub-inspectors Rajeev Gautam and Shamim Khan, the two police officers responsible for the unlawful detention. Justice Subramonium Prasad emphasized that police officers cannot act above the law and that a meaningful message must be sent to the authorities regarding the consequences of such actions.

The case involved a man who was detained without the proper legal procedure after reporting a crime to the police. The court noted that even short periods of unlawful detention violate a person’s constitutional rights, and the compensation is intended to serve as a deterrent for similar actions in the future.

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