During a two-day interrogation by the Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terror Squad (UP ATS), Pakistan resident Seema Haider was found in possession of five Pakistan-authorised passports, an unused passport, and an identity card, along with other items. An ongoing investigation is being conducted into these documents, as well as the four mobile phones and two video cassettes that were also discovered in her possession. The district police are taking necessary legal action regarding illegal entry into India. Currently, all the accused, including Seema Haider, her Indian husband Sachin Meena, and his father Netrapal Singh, are out on bail. The authorities are exploring the possibility of an espionage angle and are trying to ascertain whether Seema Haider is involved in any spying activities.

The note from the office of the UP director general of police (DGP) reveals that Seema Haider’s entry into India involved traveling from Pakistan to the UAE’s Sharjah airport, then to Kathmandu airport in Nepal on a 15-day tourist visa. Subsequently, she returned to Pakistan through the same route. Sachin Meena played a role in facilitating Seema’s entry into India, arriving in Gorakhpur on March 8 and later meeting her in Kathmandu, where they stayed together until March 17.

Additionally, it is mentioned that Seema Haider had previously left Pakistan on May 10 on a 15-day tourist visa.

The investigation also uncovered that Seema and Sachin first got in touch in 2020 through the online game PUBG, eventually exchanging phone numbers and communicating on WhatsApp. On July 4, they, along with Sachin’s father, were arrested for illegally entering India and providing shelter to Seema Haider.

After spending 14 days in judicial custody, they were granted bail on July 7.

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