Investigation Into Seema Haider Espionage Case Reveals Links to ISI, Pakistani Army; Scrutiny of Alleged ‘Fake’ ID Card Intensifies

The enigma of Seema Haider, a Pakistani woman alleged to be a spy, has deepened following revelations from her family about her connections to the Pakistani Army and the country’s intelligence agency, ISI.

Seema Haider illegally journeyed from Pakistan to India to wed her online beau, Sachin Meena, a resident of Uttar Pradesh’s Greater Noida. This cross-border romance raised eyebrows among security agencies who speculated about a potential espionage conspiracy.

Ghulam Haider, Seema’s first husband, has now disclosed her personal links to the Pakistani Army. Her brother recently joined the Army, and her uncle holds a high-ranking position in the force – information Seema had previously denied.


These revelations are expected to fortify the case of the Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) and other intelligence agencies against Seema. Adding to the suspicions is her Pakistani identity card, issued only in 2022, although typically, these cards are issued at birth. This has led to speculations that her national identity card might be counterfeit, potentially used for illegal entry into India. Agencies are now scrutinizing the ID cards and documents of Seema and her four children.

Seema and Sachin’s love story began online, via the game PUBG. Falling in love, Seema decided to illegally enter India with the aid of Sachin and his family to marry him.

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