Life of 11-Year-Old Delhi Boy Taken in Home Strangling, Body Concealed in Bed-Box

11-Year-Old Delhi Boy’s Life Tragically Cut Short: Body Discovered Concealed in Bed-Box

New Delhi: A distressing incident unfolded in West Delhi’s Inderpuri area as the lifeless body of an 11-year-old boy, Divyansh, was uncovered within a bed box on Thursday. The heart-wrenching incident points to a woman captured on security camera footage who stands accused of fatally strangling the young boy and then surreptitiously placing his body in the bed box. Divyansh had been residing with his mother in a rented flat located in E Block, Inderpuri.

The mother, identified as Neelu, recounted a chilling discovery to the police. Upon returning home from work on Thursday evening, she found her flat securely locked from the outside. Growing increasingly concerned after learning that Divyansh had not attended his dance class, Neelu ventured into the apartment. There, she encountered an unsettling scene with disheveled bedsheets and an askew mattress. To her profound shock, the lifeless body of her son was uncovered from the storage compartment within the bed.

The hospital authorities promptly alerted the police to the tragic incident. Initial medical assessments pointed to death by strangulation, prompting the authorities to focus their suspicion on a woman believed to be involved in the crime.

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