Producer Reaches Out to Seema Haider’s Former Spouse in India as She Films for ‘Karachi to Noida’

Noida Film Producer Reaches Out to Seema Haider’s Ex-Husband for Insights on ‘Karachi to Noida’

Amit Jani, a film producer based in Noida, is in the process of creating a movie inspired by the life of Pakistani woman Seema Haider and her Indian partner Sachin Meena. As Seema Haider dedicates her time to shooting her debut film ‘Karachi to Noida’, Amit Jani has extended an invitation to her former spouse, Ghulam Haider, to visit India in order to contribute to a deeper understanding of her journey.

Seema, originally from Sindh province in Pakistan, embarked on an unauthorized border crossing into India along with her four children through Nepal in May. Her intent was to reunite with Sachin, her partner residing in the Rabupura region of Greater Noida.

Jani Firefox Film Production is the driving force behind the creation of this cinematic endeavor. Seema initially auditioned for her role in the upcoming movie.

Amit Jani has expressed his desire to meet with Ghulam Haider, Seema’s ex-husband, and has warmly invited him to either Delhi or Mumbai for a comprehensive discussion about Seema’s life. Alternatively, if Ghulam is unable to travel to India, Jani is prepared to dispatch his writer to Saudi Arabia, where Ghulam currently resides.

“Our aim is to unfold the narrative of this love story, which blossomed amid the realm of PUBG, delve into the circumstances of her journey to India, and address questions surrounding her potential espionage role. Our film intends to encapsulate these intricate aspects of Seema Haider’s life,” Jani explained.

Regarding the production itself, Amit Jani revealed that the final casting decisions for the roles of Seema and Sachin are set to be finalized within the next forty-eight hours.

The movie’s setting will encompass Dubai, the pivotal location where Seema’s expedition to India unfolded, passing through Nepal as an entry point into the country.

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