Live Coverage of PM Modi’s No-Confidence Motion Speech: Opposition Allegedly Wields ‘Hidden Influence’, Bestows Blessings on Those It Wishes Ill Upon

Live Updates: Parliament’s No-Confidence Motion Against PM Modi’s Government

The government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is currently facing a no-confidence motion for the second time in its nine-year tenure, responding to the Opposition’s no-confidence motion against the NDA government. The Lok Sabha initiated the no-confidence debate on Tuesday.

Notably, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, after an absence of nearly 4 months, took part in the discussion on Wednesday. The Monsoon Session of Parliament, commencing on July 20, has been marred by a series of disruptions stemming from various issues, including the violence in Manipur.

During the ongoing debate, Rahul Gandhi recounted his recent visit to Manipur and meetings with victims of violence, emphasizing the significance of “Bharat” as the collective voice of the nation. He lamented that this voice was silenced in Manipur. Stay tuned for the latest updates on the Parliament’s no-confidence motion at LiveMint.

PM Modi’s Vision for India’s Economic Growth
In an address to the Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Modi projected an optimistic outlook for India’s economic future. He asserted that in the country’s third term, India is poised to become the world’s third-largest economy.

Investment Advice from PM Modi
During his speech, PM Modi offered financial advice to those interested in the stock market, suggesting that investing in government-owned companies could lead to substantial growth in one’s investment.

PM Modi Counters Opposition Claims
In response to the no-confidence motion, PM Modi engaged in a spirited defense against opposition criticism. He pointed out the opposition’s previous skepticism regarding government aerospace firm HAL and insurance giant LIC. Despite these doubts, both entities have achieved significant success and growth.

As the debate unfolds, PM Modi addressed various aspects of the government’s performance and countered opposition claims, highlighting achievements and addressing concerns raised during the ongoing parliamentary session. Stay informed with the latest developments in the no-confidence motion proceedings.

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