“Live Updates: Chandrayaan 3’s Vikram Lander Set for Gentle Touchdown Tomorrow at 6:04 PM”

“Chandrayaan-3 Live Updates: India’s Third Lunar Mission Set for Historic Moon Landing in Less Than 36 Hours”

As India’s third lunar mission, Chandrayaan-3, prepares for a momentous landing on the Moon’s surface, live updates are streaming in. The much-anticipated landing, scheduled for tomorrow at 6:04 pm, has garnered significant attention. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has revealed that the landing process will be broadcast live, starting from 5:20 pm on the same day. The livestreaming link has been shared on ISRO’s official website.

The Lander Module of Chandrayaan-3, housing the Vikram lander and Pragyan rover, has diligently searched for the optimal landing site after completing essential maneuvers around the Moon, including orbiting and deboosting.

An important development occurred on Monday, with Chandrayaan-3’s Lander Module establishing two-way communication with Chandrayaan-2’s Orbiter. Chandrayaan-2, the precursor Moon mission launched in 2019, was unable to achieve a successful lunar landing, losing communication at an altitude of 2.1 km in September 2019.

ISRO shared this update with enthusiasm on X: “‘Welcome, buddy!’ Ch-2 orbiter formally welcomed Ch-3 LM. Two-way communication between the two is established. MOX has now more routes to reach the LM.”

In case unfavorable conditions arise, a senior ISRO scientist mentioned that the module’s landing on the Moon could be postponed to August 27.

With high expectations and a history-making goal, Chandrayaan-3’s imminent landing has captured the nation’s and the world’s attention.

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