Quick-Thinking Female Pilot Prevents Disaster in Delhi as Two Planes Narrowly Escape 1.8 km Collision, Safeguarding Over 300 Lives

Alert Woman Pilot Prevents Potential Tragedy as Vistara Flights Narrowly Avoid Collision at Delhi Airport

An imminent disaster was averted at Delhi airport when a Vistara Airlines flight from Ahmedabad and another from the same airline came dangerously close to colliding on the runway, each carrying around 300 passengers. The incident occurred due to an oversight by the Air Traffic Control (ATC), but the quick response of a vigilant pilot prevented catastrophe.

The situation unfolded as the Ahmedabad-Delhi flight touched down and was directed by the ATC to cross an active runway to reach its designated parking area. Simultaneously, another Vistara flight, bound for Delhi-Bagdogra, had received clearance to take off from the same runway. The two planes were a mere 1.8 km apart, and the potential collision was thwarted thanks to the prompt actions of Captain Sonu Gill, the 45-year-old pilot of the Ahmedabad-Delhi flight.

According to aviation authorities, Vistara flight VTI926 had landed on Runway 29L and was instructed by ATC to traverse Runway 29R en route to its parking position. However, due to a momentary lapse in communication, the ATC inadvertently allowed flight VTI725 to commence takeoff from Runway 29R. This oversight was corrected after VTI926’s alert pilot brought the issue to the ATC’s attention, prompting them to command VTI725 to abort takeoff.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) reported that the pilot of VTI926 played a crucial role by notifying the ATC about the potential collision, leading to the immediate suspension of VTI725’s takeoff. The DGCA subsequently reprimanded the ATC official responsible for the lapse, emphasizing the importance of meticulous adherence to safety protocols.

The incident underlines the significance of strict adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in situations involving closely spaced runways. Captain Amit Singh, a senior pilot and founder of the Safety Matters Foundation, stressed the need for enhanced monitoring and compliance to avert potential traffic collisions in such scenarios.

The flight bound for Delhi-Bagdogra, which was departing from a newly inaugurated runway, promptly returned to its parking area following the aborted takeoff. Despite the momentary apprehension among passengers, the vigilant response of the Ahmedabad-Delhi flight’s pilot ensured the safety of all passengers involved.

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