Live Updates: Uttarakhand Hit by Landslides, More Than 300 Roads Blocked by Rainfall

Live Rain Updates: Landslides Block Over 308 Roads in Uttarakhand; Rainfall to Decrease Temporarily

In a recent update, over 308 roads in Uttarakhand were blocked as a result of landslides and boulder falls on Thursday. The intensity of rainfall in the state is expected to decrease over the next four days, only to intensify again after Sunday, as indicated by officials from the Indian Meteorological Department Dehradun Centre.

Himachal Pradesh, one of the worst-hit states by this year’s monsoon, has reported a tragic toll of 72 lives lost due to heavy rainfall-related incidents over the past three days, according to ANI news agency. State disaster management data reveals 1,762 houses with complete damage and 8,952 houses partially damaged due to the ongoing downpours. Notably, the current monsoon season has witnessed a staggering count of 113 landslides.

Meanwhile, persistent heavy rain triggered road blockages across various areas of Uttarakhand on Thursday. Additionally, certain low-lying regions in parts of Punjab witnessed flooding owing to rising water levels in the Sutlej and Beas rivers, a consequence of unrelenting precipitation in the hills. To address these flood-related situations, the National Disaster Response Force, along with the Army and the Border Security Force (BSF), has been actively engaged in rescue operations in the affected regions.

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