Noida Man Fined ₹26,000 for Performing Stunt on Moving Car Roof – Watch the Video

Noida Man Fined ₹26,000 for Daring Car Roof Stunt: Viral Video Depicts Reckless Overtaking

A viral video capturing a daredevil act on the roof of a moving white Maruti Suzuki car has led to the owner being slapped with a hefty ₹26,000 fine by the Noida police. The incident, which occurred in Noida’s Sector 18 area on Tuesday night, shows a man reclining on the car roof while the driver carelessly overtakes other vehicles.

The Noida police, responding to a user’s post on X (formerly known as Twitter), shared an image of the car owner’s e-challan for ₹26,000. This response came as a result of the shared video that depicted the dangerous stunt and violation of traffic regulations.

Notably, last week, another incident involving individuals scaling the roof of a moving car prompted the Gautam Budh Nagar traffic police to issue a hefty fine of ₹23,500. These incidents highlight the disturbing trend of people putting themselves and others at risk for the sake of garnering social media attention.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Anil Kumar, expressed concern over such occurrences becoming increasingly frequent, emphasizing the need to crack down on such dangerous behavior. He stated, “This is one of several cases from Noida in which people flout traffic rules and engage in stunts merely for social media attention. Action has been taken against offenders in the past.”

While these attention-seeking stunts may temporarily gain online visibility, they underscore the importance of road safety and responsible behavior on public roads.

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