Panic Ensues as Snake Is Spotted on Magadh Express Train in Uttar Pradesh, Prompting a Rescue Team Response

Passengers on the Magadh Express train in Uttar Pradesh had a harrowing experience when they spotted a snake inside one of the AC coaches, leading to panic among them. Fortunately, no passengers were harmed by the snake.

The incident prompted the involvement of the forest department, who were called to address the situation. They waited for the train to reach the Etawah railway station in Uttar Pradesh to initiate a rescue operation.

The train had to be temporarily halted at the station for approximately 15 minutes while the search for the snake was conducted. Unfortunately, the rescue team was unable to capture the reptile.

As a precautionary measure, the AC coach where the snake was spotted was detached from the train before it continued its journey to New Delhi.

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