PM Narendra Modi Cautions NDA MPs: Be Mindful of Your Words, Warns Against Provocation by ‘Frustrated’ Opposition

During a gathering of MPs from the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again emphasized the importance of careful communication to avoid unnecessary controversies. He advised the lawmakers to refrain from making controversial statements and to speak within the appropriate context. The Prime Minister also cautioned against the Opposition’s attempts to provoke them, stating that they are frustrated and may try to trap them with inflammatory remarks.

Previously, PM Modi had advised BJP MPs to be cautious with their use of microphones and focus on their assigned work. The party leadership has consistently emphasized that making unnecessary remarks about cultures, communities, and cinema is unacceptable.

The meeting with NDA lawmakers aimed to strengthen coordination among coalition members and shape the strategy for the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The first meeting with MPs from Uttar Pradesh’s eastern region was followed by a second meeting with alliance members from the southern states.

During the discussions, PM Modi encouraged MPs to effectively promote central government schemes and counter the Opposition’s false allegations by utilizing professional social media teams. He emphasized the need for active engagement on social media platforms to enhance their presence in the digital world. The Prime Minister’s advice underscores the significance of each spoken word and the responsibility that comes with their role as Members of Parliament.

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