Shocking Video: Woman Arrested for Assaulting Elderly Man in Ghaziabad Over Dog Feeding

Elderly Man Assaulted Over Dog Feeding Dispute in Ghaziabad, Culprit Arrested

A distressing incident occurred in Ghaziabad’s Crossing Republic where a 79-year-old man, Roopnarayan Mehra, was violently beaten by a 23-year-old woman, Simran, following an argument over feeding stray dogs. The shocking incident was captured on video and later went viral on social media. The police acted swiftly based on a complaint filed by the elderly man’s family and arrested the perpetrator, Simran.

Residents of the housing society tried to intervene and stop the woman, but she remained unyielding. The video sparked outrage on social media, with users expressing strong condemnation for the brutal attack on the elderly man.

This incident comes at a time when the Delhi-NCR region has witnessed several dog-biting incidents, leading to injuries among local residents. In June, a seven-year-old boy was severely injured in a pitbull attack in the same area, prompting protests by locals demanding action from the authorities.

The issue of stray dogs has been a contentious one, with some advocating for better policies and feeding points, while others express concerns about the increasing number of dog-biting cases and its impact on public safety. BJP leader Vijay Goel held a protest in Delhi calling for a policy on stray dogs, while pet owners argue that the implementation of feeding points is lacking due to resistance from resident welfare associations (RWAs).

The incident in Ghaziabad has reignited the debate on how to address the issue of stray dogs while ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.

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