Sunny Deol Shifts Focus Solely to Acting: “I Won’t Produce Due to Financial Concerns,” He Reveals

Sunny Deol Shifts Focus to Acting: “I’m Not Producing Anymore Because I Go Bankrupt”

Sunny Deol, who ventured into production with his directorial debut “Dillagi” in 1999 and last produced his son Karan’s acting debut “Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas” in 2019, has made a resolute decision to step away from producing and directing. In a recent interview with BBC Asian Network, the “Gadar 2” actor revealed that each time he undertakes a production, he faces financial challenges, leading him to opt for a focused acting career. He attributed his decision to the evolving landscape of film production and his recognition of his limitations in juggling multiple roles.

In the interview, Sunny Deol expressed his observations on the changing dynamics of the film industry: “The world has become very difficult. Years back, I could control things because distribution was normal. They were people we interacted with. There was a connection. Ever since the corporates have come in, there’s nothing. For an individual to stand tall over there, it’s difficult. You have to do your PR, run around, and they won’t give you your number of theaters. They don’t want individuals to be there. I had a tough time with my films in this past decade. You’re trying to do a certain kind of cinema, but you don’t get the backing.”

Sunny Deol expressed contentment in resuming his original role as an actor: “That’s what I came in for. I became a producer, a director, wearing too many hats. A man can only do one job. So I said, ‘Throw everything away, just become an actor.’ So that’s what I want to do now. Do as many films as I can as an actor.”

In light of the evolving film industry landscape and his preference for focused artistic contributions, Sunny Deol has decided to concentrate solely on his acting career moving forward.

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