“Supreme Court Urges Maharashtra Speaker to Establish a Timeline for Resolving Disqualification Pleas Against Eknath Shinde’s MLAs”

“The Supreme Court Expedites Hearing on Disqualification Petitions Against Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Shiv Sena MLAs”

“On Monday, the Supreme Court accelerated the hearing process for the disqualification petitions filed against Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and other Shiv Sena MLAs. The court directed Speaker Rahul Narwekar to schedule the matter within a week and establish a timetable for resolving the disqualification pleas, emphasizing the need for prompt action.”

“The Supreme Court reiterated the importance of Maharashtra’s Speaker adhering to its May 11 order, which called for a timely decision on the disqualification petitions submitted by rebel Shiv Sena MLAs. It noted that despite the passage of four months since the order, no significant progress had been made in the case beyond the issuance of notices. The court urged the Speaker to expedite the proceedings and issue procedural directions within a week.”

“In response to the Supreme Court’s directive, Speaker Narwekar stated that he had not yet received a copy of the order and emphasized that the disqualification petitions would be handled in a reasonable timeframe. He also asserted the court’s recognition of the Speaker’s constitutional role and the limitations on the court’s interference in his functions.”

“Meanwhile, Shiv Sena (UBT) leader Sanjay Raut accused Speaker Narwekar of deliberately stalling the decision on disqualification petitions against MLAs from Shinde’s camp, alleging that this inaction was in support of an ‘unconstitutional’ government. Raut emphasized that the Supreme Court had clarified that the switching of some MLAs from one party to another did not constitute a split. He vowed to raise these concerns before the Supreme Court in pursuit of justice.”

“Raut also drew attention to ministers and leaders with control over sugar mills in Maharashtra, highlighting corruption charges against them. He alleged that the Pravara sugar mill controlled by Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil (a state revenue minister from BJP) faced a corruption charge of ₹200 crore, while the sugar mill controlled by Rahul Kul (a BJP legislator) faced a corruption charge of ₹500 crore. He further claimed similarities in the case of the Jarandeshwar sugar mill, linked to Deputy CM Ajit Pawar.”

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