Team INDIA Comes Together to Celebrate Rahul Gandhi’s Return to Parliament

Rahul Gandhi’s Reinstatement: INDIA Alliance Leaders Celebrate Victory of Truth

New Delhi: Opposition leaders from the INDIA alliance have lauded the reinstatement of Rahul Gandhi as a Lok Sabha MP, terming it a triumph of truth. Following the announcement, jubilant celebrations erupted at the Congress headquarters in Delhi, with party workers dancing and chanting slogans in support of Mr. Gandhi. The Lok Sabha Secretariat issued a notification confirming the revocation of his disqualification and restoration of his membership.
Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge marked the occasion by sharing sweets.

The decision to reinstate Shri @RahulGandhi as an MP is a welcome step.

It brings relief to the people of India, and especially to Wayanad.

Whatever time is left of their tenure, BJP and Modi Govt should utilise that by concentrating on actual governance rather than…

— Mallikarjun Kharge (@kharge) August 7, 2023

In a move welcomed by many, Rahul Gandhi’s parliamentary membership has been restored.

This decision offers a sense of relief to the Indian populace, particularly to the constituency of Wayanad.

The remaining duration of the current tenure should be employed by the BJP and the Modi Government to focus on substantive governance, rather than…

— Mallikarjun Kharge (@kharge) August 7, 2023

Earlier today, the opposition criticized the government for not promptly reinstating Rahul Gandhi’s membership after the Supreme Court suspended his conviction in a defamation case. While acknowledging that the Congress leader’s remarks were ill-conceived, the Supreme Court reasoned that his disqualification from parliament would adversely affect his constituents. The court ruling was delivered on Friday.

Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav questioned the delay in restoring Rahul Gandhi’s membership, noting that the House swiftly dismissed him upon his conviction in the Modi surname case.

“Why the swift acceptance and elation displayed by the BJP government in granting Rahul Gandhi’s membership based on the decision of the Surat Sessions Court, yet such a delay in restoring it even after the Supreme Court’s verdict?” Mr. Yadav questioned in a tweet.

“Is the Modi government, which has undermined the Constitution and democracy, and amassed a heap of failures and animosity over 9 years, apprehensive of opposition unity and public sentiment?” he added.

Within a few hours of the Surat Sessions Court’s decision, the BJP government eagerly and joyfully accepted Rahul Gandhi’s membership. Why the delay in reinstating it even after the Supreme Court’s decision?

In 9 years, the Modi government, which has trampled upon the Constitution and democracy, and has accumulated a mountain of hatred and failures… — Tejashwi Yadav (@yadavtejashwi) August 7, 2023

Echoing this sentiment, Samajwadi Chief Akhilesh Yadav remarked that the BJP’s ‘scheme’ has been unveiled.

“While plotting to seize the memberships of opposition MPs and MLAs, the BJP has now become ensnared in its own trap. Let’s observe how swiftly it suspends its own member’s membership and how promptly they restore the membership of others. The BJP’s stratagem has been exposed,” he stated.

In their endeavor to scheme and confiscate the memberships of opposition MPs and MLAs, the BJP has now fallen victim to its own stratagem. Let’s see how quickly they strip their own MP of membership and how promptly they reinstate the membership of others. The BJP’s plot has now been laid bare. — Akhilesh Yadav (@yadavakhilesh) August 7, 2023

Earlier this year, Rahul Gandhi was found guilty by a Surat court and sentenced to a two-year prison term for a 2019 speech in which he linked PM Modi’s last name to two absconding businessmen, suggesting that the “thieves” shared the same surname.

The defamation case against Mr. Gandhi was filed by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA and former Gujarat minister Purnesh Modi, who took offense at the statement “How come all thieves have the common surname Modi?”

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