Tragic Incident Unfolds in Haryana: Robbers Murder Migrant Worker’s Wife and Assault Two Women in Panipat Village

In a horrifying incident that unfolded around 1 am on Thursday, four armed men forcibly entered the residence of migrant laborers employed at a fish farm on the outskirts of a village, taking the family hostage at gunpoint. Tragically, during the course of the harrowing ordeal, a 45-year-old ailing woman from the family was killed, and two other female members were subjected to sexual assault. The perpetrators also made off with ₹13,000 in cash and silver ornaments.

The victims, who were part of a family working at a local farmer’s fish farm, recounted to the police that the assailants stormed into their home at approximately 1 am, brandishing weapons and forcibly restraining the family members. The male members and children were bound with ropes, while the women were taken into a separate room where they were subjected to sexual assault. Following this heinous act, the attackers ransacked the house, looting the family’s belongings.

Tragically, the 45-year-old woman, who had been grappling with health issues for the past few years, succumbed to her injuries after one of the attackers kicked her in the stomach.

After the robbery and assault, the four perpetrators locked the women inside a room and fled the scene, taking with them the stolen ₹13,000 in cash and the silver ornaments.

The family later informed the owner of the fish farm, who promptly contacted the police in the morning. A police team, led by Deputy Superintendent of Police Krishan Kumar, arrived at the scene and initiated an investigation. Preliminary reports indicate that the assailants arrived at the location on two motorcycles.

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