Renowned Agricultural Scientist MS Swaminathan Passes Away at the Age of 98, Leaving a Lasting Legacy in India’s Green Revolution

Eminent Agricultural Scientist and “Father of India’s Green Revolution,” MS Swaminathan, Passes Away at 98 in Chennai

Prominent agricultural scientist MS Swaminathan, widely recognized as the Father of India’s Green Revolution, has passed away at the age of 98 in Chennai. Dr. Swaminathan, who had been receiving treatment for age-related illness, breathed his last at 11.15 am at his Chennai residence on Thursday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his condolences, describing Dr. Swaminathan as a “powerhouse of innovation” and a mentor to many. He praised Dr. Swaminathan’s groundbreaking contributions to agriculture, which had a transformative impact on the lives of millions and ensured food security for the nation. PM Modi also fondly recalled his conversations with Dr. Swaminathan, highlighting his exemplary passion for India’s progress.

Dr. MS Swaminathan, also known as Mankomb Sambasivan Swaminathan, was a plant geneticist whose remarkable contributions played a pivotal role in India’s agricultural renaissance, earning him recognition as the scientific leader of the Green Revolution movement in India.

Time magazine even listed him among the 20 most influential individuals in Asia during the 20th century. In 1988, he founded the M S Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF).

Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Swaminathan received numerous prestigious awards and honors, including the Padma Shri (1967), Padma Bhushan (1972), and Padma Vibhushan (1989), among others. His tireless advocacy for sustainable agriculture and his contribution to an evergreen revolution solidified his reputation as a global leader in the field of sustainable food security.

In addition to his accolades, Dr. Swaminathan was a Member of the Indian Parliament (Rajya Sabha) from 2007 to 2013 and held various key positions in different government departments, contributing significantly to the field of agriculture.

Dr. Swaminathan’s educational journey led him to obtain a BSc degree in Zoology from Maharajas College in Thiruvananthapuram and another in Agricultural Sciences from Coimbatore Agricultural College. He later earned an MSc degree in Agricultural Sciences with a specialization in genetics and plant breeding from the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) in 1949. His academic pursuits culminated in a PhD degree from the University of Cambridge, UK, in 1952.

Dr. MS Swaminathan’s legacy will continue to inspire future generations as his pioneering work in agriculture and dedication to India’s progress remains an enduring testament to his remarkable life and contributions.

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